El Capitan Cubase 6.5

I’ve been using Cubase 6.5 since it came out. I have a MacBook Pro that upgraded to El Capitan OS. Cubase won’t even open now. It’s serving as nothing more than an icon on my desktop. I use Cubase for work, so this is unacceptable. I know that it’s been established that Cubase is going to have to adapt their software to this new OS. And that cautionary words were already out before El Capitan’s unveiling. But how long is this going to take, because right now this is costing me money and I’m losing respect from the people I work with. Please give me updates. Give us updates. What’s going on guys?

Our statement on El Capitan remains valid: http://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/important-information-regarding-os-x-1011-3359.html
We will release more info later this month. I can only repeat that upgrading the operating system on a productive system right after its release is not recommended. If you need that system to earn a living, please roll back to Yosemite for the time being. In addition, I do not expect any compatibility update for Cubase 6.x.

Wow, bummeroo here, Ed. :stuck_out_tongue:

C6.5 is too good to let fade away IMO.