El Capitan & N6

I’ve found several broken links regarding El Capitan compatibility. I know the latest N7 is now compatible, but I can’t find any word on N6.

Thanks much!


My interpretation of the compatibility chart is that Nv6.x is not supported.

I can’t see SB devoting resources to it either … then they’d have two products to worry about in the Nuendo line under multiple possible Mac OS’s.

My issue with the V7 update is the increasing reluctancy for SB to add basic workflow enhancements to assist audio post production at all levels. For me there was literally nothing of worth in the V 7 release and I’d like SB to know that via my reluctance to purchase the update. Of course eventually I’ll have to buy it… even if I wait until say V 8 ( which will have some workflow improvements right? )… But then the cost of the upgrade will roll in all the intermediate products I never bought!

I understand all companies must keep the cash flow going to support their endeavors and I don’t begrudge them this. But surely they should be supporting the wishes of customers. SB even have a giant wish list in this forum … barely anything ever comes of user requests.

So you can ‘freeze’ you’re set up in time ( until Apple forces the issue and you have to update your OS … you know it’s going to happen ) or wait a while for V 7 to settle in and buy something you don’t really want.

Ah, technology … :wink:)

I installed El Capitan on a separate partition…N6 seems to run fine so far.

Thanks for the info.

Let us know if all is well in a week or two. Could be V6 is fine but SB just don’t want to make it officially supported!


Needed some Mac / ElCap experience for my job … so I thought I’d install and hope NV6.5 survived.

When launching I now get a warning saying 'Video Service Is Not Responding". The app does launch and the message disappears. Audio playback seems OK but Video playback is very choppy.


The message went away after a couple of relaunches … and the choppy playback was my bad … wrong type of movie file. ProRes Files playback fine!

So far so good.

Still good here but due to some other incompatibilities, I’m still on Yosemite. In fact, haven’t seen much upside to El Capitan so far.