El Capitan - Slow/Sluggish Graphics Handling While Editing

I just updated to El Capitan (10.11.3) and in general Nuendo and my system seem to be quite stable, and I’ve even noticed it to be a bit more efficient as well.

I’m experiencing some odd behavior in Nuendo (7.0.35) however. When I try to drag an audio file the movement is really sluggish. My mouse movement isn’t tracked quickly and then the audio region jumps to where I am with a lot of latency. It chugs along in fits and starts whereas it was smooth in Yosemite.

While searching I came across this thread from Wavelab, which sounds similar: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=189&t=92008&hilit=el+capitan

Has anyone else come across this? Is there a fix??
It’s pretty hard to edit.


Update: MIDI regions are fine while dragging in the arrange window. So it appears to only be audio files that have this problem. And it only happens when zoomed in quite a bit, like when you are doing serious audio editing in the arranger.

Ditto on dragging audio files with sluggishness. I noticed it back with Mavericks.

Yep, same here. In general graphically Nuendo and Cubase seem a fair bit slower on the Mac and Capitan, with Cubase being even worse than Nuendo; audio performance wise it seems the latest updates have pulled them a lot closer to the PC in terms of Asio performance.

But I really wish they were able to speed up the graphical performance, perhaps even hardware accelerating it.
Having just crossed over from the PC, sessions that still ran smoothly on the PC are ridiculously slow (graphically) on the Mac.

I’ve also noticed a bug where when dragging objects, the Mac version doesn’t turn off auto scrolling, which means on playback it will start flipping between where the playhead is and the location where you’ve been dragging your object.

It really needs some serious work :frowning:

Do you have the automatic transient detection thing activated?
I noticed that I had to turn it off to be able to work.

Do you have the automatic transient detection thing activated?

Isnt it “hitpoint detection”? That shoud be turned off too, if any such problems…


Thanks for the tip but mine has been turned off the whole time.

I wonder if Steinberg knows about this. Any word on that moderators?

Does anyone happen to know if Cubase 8.5 has fixed this?
It would give me some hope for 7.5 (not that it shouldn’t be addressed sooner).