El Capitan with Cubase 9 solid?

I upgraded to Sierra and had many conflicts so I got a copy of El Capitan and installed it today.
Hope it’s stable with Cubase and Wavelab 9,etc.

Nope, there’s issues. It’s recommended to use Sierra instead.

The most common symptom on El Capitan is some VSTs being blacklisted due to a bug in the OS.

Sierra first. No good. Way too early. Done a lot of research and speaking to other studio owners and engineers, etc. Yosemite most solid OS to date. Mavericks 2nd. If Cubase 9 Pro and Wavelab 9 will run on Yosemite I’m in.

I agree Yosemite was great, not only for Cubase but other DAW as well. I also use PT and DP and they both ran great under Yosemite. That being said, i’ve been using Sierra for a month now with CB9, very stable and have not experience a single crash.