Elastic Audio confusion

I had a piano track that I had to write a guitar part to. It is really fast so I slowed it down using elastic audio to learn/practice. Then I returned the tempo to the default and recorded the part.

Why is it that when I turn musical mode off it makes the guitar and piano go out of sync? it was all recorded with the cubase tempo at the default (120).

Cubase does not have elastic audio so what exactly did you do…?

If you turn musical mode off, all audio returns to their original tempo which is set in the pool. That tempo does not depend on the set project tempo, but by what is set in the pool.

Tempos aren’t reported correctly in the Pool.

You know what I meant. Right? I used “elastique pro.” I set the tracks to musical mode and changed the project tempo. Then, when I was done practicing, I set the tempo back to default, where it started.

If you turn musical mode off, all audio returns to their original tempo which is set in the pool. That tempo does not depend on the set project tempo, but by what is set in the pool.[/quote]
So If you haven’t changed the project tempo, then whether musical mode is on or off shouldn’t affect matters at all, right? And if you switch musical mode on existing files, record some files at the original project tempo, then turn musical mode off, again, nothing should change since i neevr told cubase to alter the tempo of anything.

in general I like Cubase better than pro tools, but I think that elastic audio and beatmapper do work better than the cubase versions.

No, I interpreted it as some kind of timetretching audio - could also mean you used the “sizing applies time stretch” tool. If I had known for sure, I hadn´t asked.

If an audio file has the momentary project tempo set as “tenpo” in the pool, it doesn´t matter if musical mode is on or not.

It should, but unfortunately Cubase is little bit dumb in that it most of the time does not map recorded audio to the tempo the project was set to when it was recorded, but to a fantasy value, so you have to correct that by hand (most of the time).

It’s funny. All the guitar tracks show 120 in the pool and the piano shows differing values - there’s two piano performances overlaid. At any rate, it looks like I just have to leave musical mode on or re do the guitar tracks. i’m not sure what the musical mode is doing to the piano, and I’m pretty reluctant to redo the guitar - it was NOT easy.

What a clusterfuck.

Any ideas on how to make the guitar conform to the original piano - as i thought i was doing when I recorded it?

So the piano files were not at their original speed when you recorded the guitar…?

knuf=clusterf**k I guess not. I thought that musical mode didn’t change anything unless you changed the tempo, but i may have misunderstood. I thought it all through as I was (unfortunately) leaving the studio.

  1. I think the piano files were showing two different tempos in the pool because there were two separate parts segued. There are two pianos playing during each part (as i mentioned), but I suspect the tempo as shown in the pool is due to the two different songs/performances segued.
  2. I checked the original file, the original project tempo was indeed 120, but the piano clip tempos shown in the pool are actually a touch faster - about 121.
  3. when I turned musical mode on with the project tempo at 120, cubase slowed the piano down by that much, and I never noticed it because I then slowed the project tempo down by 40 bpm :blush:
  4. when I finally turned the project tempo back to 120 and recorded the guitar, the piano was a little slower than original.
  5. to fix the problem I should be able to turn musical mode on for the guitar tracks, turn the project tempo up to the piano tempo as shown in the pool, then bounce the guitars.
  6. import guitars into project into original project with no musical mode engaged and everything should be playinfg at the original tempo.

Hope it works. I know I could just increase the project tempo to the piano tempo (as shown in the pool), but I don’t really trust the time stretching not to be doing something I don’t want. also, the segued track is (and probably should be) at a slightly different tempo. Finally, the piano is more important than the guitar in this case.