elastic pro WOOOW

i think its worth upgrading just for this


Perhaps. Although again Steinberg is playing catchup with other developers.

Nice :slight_smile:

they maybe playing catch up but its another incredible tool in my favourite sequencer !

good work steiny ,well impressed





Very impressed by that video! :slight_smile:
I would have liked, though, to hear what it sounds like just transposed (i.e. without stretching).

Nice. Video thumbs also look pretty good in C6 there.

Impressive! not before time though!
lol that’s the guy that did the C5 presentations here in the UK a couple of years back…


Very nice!!

I don’t care much if Steinberg is late to the party. As long as they’re doing it right.

The drum-quantize feature in Logic 9 for instance , isn’t that very good in reality. The “slice” function chops the sound too narrow and the stretching sometimes sounds awful. I like the way in Cubase 6 that the audio isn’t stretch in drum quantizing. Although it would have been nice if that function where there too. :sunglasses:


So true.
Look at the side chaining feature.
Late yes but simple, elegant and powerful.
IMHO they ‘nailed’ that one.


The only thing I’m concerned about is the performance in OSX Snow Leopard (and Lion later this year). Has the CPU spikes gone? What about bugs?

This looks very cool… I can’t wait to experiment with it!

Very nice feature!!! I’ll be doing this in Cubase instead of Battery 3 now.