Elastique 3 in sample editor

Hi gang:)

Can anybody confirm that elastique 3 is being used in the sample editor?
(Or tell me if/when this will be implemented?)


It uses whatever you have selected…there is a dropdown in the toolbar.

NB: Variaudio is an exception - any variaudio edit will switch the algo to standard solo.

Hi grim:)

Thx for your help, m8:)

See, i dont quite believe that elastique3 is being administered here… (In the sample editor)

All too quickly does the realtime algo get deactivated in the sample editor… Elastique3 was made to stretch massively more that the old algo…

Quite franky, i dont think that any improvement has been made in freewarp mode on how the stretching is done when compared to the older versions of cubase… - same thing basically…

So i ask anybody who has any information on how elastique 3 was implemented and where it is being used to please share this information with us. (Manual obviously has no info about it)

I can assure you that it has not been implemented (or correctly administered) in the sample editor (where it should have been)

Can anybody from steinberg please tell me how elastique3 is used in cubase? Or better yet, tell me when you plan on implementing it into the sample editor free warp mode?

Thank you very much:)

Edit: maybe it also has to do with the limited wav “container” that doesnt let us stretch past the start or end of the audio event and always makes weird start/end hitpoints… Idk… I need answers here…lol
-its not like im stretching the material over 10,000 times in length like some pauls amazing timestretch or whatever its called


Thank you :slight_smile: