Elastique - Audio glitch after event is split - Solved in v10?

Cubase 9.5.41
Elastique Pro gives excellent results on audio events - until an event is split. A repeatable audio glitch/pop occurs.

I asked about this in 2015.

Has this problem been solved in Cubase Pro 10?
Thanks for your help.


I haven’t found this would be a massive issue all users have (otherwise the forum would be full of it). To me it sounds more like a local issue, maybe (your) system related. Therefore I would recommend you to test it by your own on your system. Download Cubase 10 Trial, please.

Thanks Martin - Sorry for my late reply.
Yes - it could be my system/Cubase installation.

I’ve tried a new project and the split audio played without problems.

Download Cubase 10 Trial, please.
I installed the trial when it was first available, but I stupidly forgot to test the split audio problem.

I’ve decided to upgrade to v10 - Great new, useful features!

Thanks again your help.