Elastique for changing pitch on small sections

I believe this has been discussed in other threads, but when I tried to search, I got 47 threads. Here’s my question-
I’ve done a number of vocal takes, and I’ve comped a take. Now I’m essentially happy with the vocal, but there are a few little pitch changes I’d like to make n single notes. It appears the MPEX algorithm is the only one I can use-why not Elastique?


Are you not seeing the Elastique set of algorithms in the selector at the top of the Sample Editor when you activate Pitch & Warp from the Vari Audio menu?

Hi Weasel-I’m just trying to tweak from the audio menu,don’t really want to warp the entire track.

Elastique is not available for any pitch change… Only timestretch.

& FYI just activating pitch & warp in variaudio only analyses the audio.
Nothing gets warped unless you move a particular note/segment though the whole track gets analysed.

I would say variaudio is easily the best way to fix a few wrong notes. Beats setting range on every note by hand & then pitching it without immediate aural feedback.

You could chop out those notes and use the info line to adjust the pitch of the chopped audio event. I do that for small changes. And, then I think you could then use the elastique algorithm or any other algorithms available to audio events.

Another thing I do sometimes is apply offline processing to correct the pitch of small chopped sections, in my case using Antares Autotune, but you could use the built-in autotune too.