Elastique Pro.. first impressions

I’ve been moaning about the crappy time stretch for ages… pretty much everyone else has a decent algorithm but Steinberg WERE well behind the times with this…until now…

I’ve just spent an hour or so being pretty brutal with it and i am totally stunned! it is FANTASTIC!!!
With mpex it was dreadful on bass… turned it into a squelching, wibbling, farting horrible mess! but i’ve just had a double bass, my warwick, a steinberger upright and one or two bass synth sounds and it’s just blown me away! The slap part done on my warwick i have just been playing with will quite happily go to twice or half the speed with NO PROBLEMS!!! same as the trumpet too!

WELL DONE STEINBERG!!! bout bloody time too though!

I’m one happy cubase user now… till all the bugs come out :wink:

wayhay thank god for a happy user ,indeed the video looked impressive and if its holding its own going through the octaves then that will suit me fine , glad to hear at last someone is actually happy :wink: :smiley:




Yes i tried it too. Seriously. It is Superb!!!

How is it for pitch-shifting?

I very quickly had a mess with pitch in the info line at the top of the sequencer window and again… WOW!!! you’re in for a treat! :laughing:
Obviously though at extreme settings odd things can happen, tried it on a trumpet earlier and at about an octave lower a whistling noise started to kick in… only on the trumpet though… kinda sounded like it was turning his breath into a whistle… sounded incredible at less extremes on that and everything else though… can quite easily take a bass guitar up an octave very convincingly!

how about taking a guitar chord down an octave?

not tried it yet but can’t see why not… if i get a chance later i’ll give it a go for you.

Is Elastique Pro also incorporated into Variaudio?

yes it is.

Sehr gut!!!

i can im going to have to wear a nappy while using it ! :astonished: :blush: :laughing:

Well this is what I was really waiting for elastique pro. First thing I did was to go to a project that had been a remix or a ballad that had been recorded with no click. I had remixed it into a rhianna style number but was having trouble keeping the tempo steady AND not having artifacts introduced.
Anyway loaded up hte porject in 6, started playing the project and whilst it was playing went to the pool selected all the audio parts selected elastique pro and POOF and left the audio drivers hanging so I had to shutdwon!! Hadn’t been using it for more than 10 mins, he he he.I am on XP sp3 and next time I think I may stop play back while I select elastique pro! :blush:

time to upgrade to Win 7-64. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info, Mat. Looking forward to getting to try that for myself :wink:

I’m glad you’re on XP, otherwise I would have been worried.

I guess that’s why it’s not supported.

I was a happy Cubase user since Atari. And now I am even more. Thanks for your review.
I’m still waiting for my upgrade to 6.
Strength Steinberg!

Is Elastique Pro also incorporated into Variaudio?

yes it is.

Are you sure?

For the VariAudio warping and pitching features, “Standard - Solo” preset must be used and is applied automatically

(see manual page 271 )

No, Elastique pro can’t be used in VariAudio. I tried many times today until I found that sentence in the manual.

Maybe next version… would be veeereeeery nice.

To answer Samicide’s earlier question… have a listen for yourselves :wink:
… four versions of the same acoustic guitar… just one of the loops that came with cubase… original is 73bpm… i did a couple of fairly extreme ones and one a bit closer… it’s impressive!!! enjoy! :smiley:

will have to post the 120bpm file in another post… limit is 3 files…

will do a pitch shifted version in a few mins…
80bpm.mp3 (95.3 KB)
50bpm.mp3 (152 KB)
original 73bpm.mp3 (104 KB)