Elastique Pro (Time) Vs other algos - Timestretching

Anyone have experience with multiple timestretching algos?

Just shifting a stereo track by 10bpm using what I believe is the best algo within Cubase - the elastique pro time setting. Got to say its leagues ahead in quality over previous Cubase offerings.

Haven’t tried any other 3rd party ones though, like melodyne.

Is there anything out there, 3rd party, that is much better? Im looking for the best of the best (if there is something else).

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yes, Steinberg´s Wavelab 8, “DIRAC 2.2 Timestretch algo” = wow!!

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Thats pretty annoying its not included in Cubase 7 then :confused: How much better is it ? I had wavelab 5 and i always found myself just doing everything in Cubase anyway. Is it that much of a difference to justify a 3/400 quid purchase?

Odd, in my opinion the Elastique Pro sounds even better than Ableton Live’s Complex Pro algorithm.
I am quite happy with it ! :wink:

You may have already seen this, but there’s a listing of what other apps use midway down this thread: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/cubase-7-nuendo-6/819113-cubase-7-multitrack-warp-feature-question.html

Thanks for that, nice info. Guess Dirac is superior then…

"Here’s the list, so no need for speculation on the different stretching algorithms: (Reaper also licenced Zplane Elastique like Steinberg and Ableton, which in my opinion sounds the second best…after Dirac)

Avid Pro Tools - Izotope Radius

Apple Logic - Internal (Default) / Izotope Radius (Optional Purchase)

Steinberg Cubase - Prosoniq MPEX / ZPlane Elastique

Ableton Live - ZPlane Elastique

Cakewalk Sonar - Izotope Radius

MOTU Digital Performer - ZPlane Elastique

Imageline FL Studio - ZPlane Elastique

Magix Samplitude - Internal

Presonus Studio One - ZPlane Elastique

Cockos Reaper - ZPlane Elastique / Dirac / Soundtouch

Propellerhead Record - Internal

Sony Acid - ZPlane Elastique

Adobe Audition - Izotope Radius

Energy XT - ZPlane Elastique

Steinberg Wavelab - Dirac LE

Sony Sound Forge - ZPlane Elastique "