elastique Pro, what the h***??

As you get used to the new computer things will settle down. My guess it’d be something to do with Windows or soundcard setup. Probably quite minor but hard to track.
Cast your net a little wider with a google for 3 or 4 phrases that relate to the problem or what you think it is and see what’s around the world. Don’t go more than the second page of any search as you’ll just bog yourself down. Mostly I find the obvious (aside from the reference to this that’s bound to turn up) trails get answers that I can make sense of even if they don’t quite hit the nail.
Check your Windows Sounds / Recording / Properties / Advanced and see if the sample rates match. I have found certain Windows updates or something has changed these in the past so it’s worth a look.

A few more possiblities to investigate:

  • you have antivirus software that is configured to do different amounts of scanning on internal vs external drives, causing extra disk load
  • the internal drive’s file system is partially corrupted. Get windows to do a surface scan to check for bad sectors
  • your internal drive could be dying (better to find out sooner than later)
  • try toggling “multi processing” support in device setup (a long shot, but stranger things have happened at sea)
  • if all that fails, make a cup of tea and roll a fat one.

Thanks conman and guest.

Nothing’s changed.
Recording new files to the internal hdds works excellent.
There’s just some old projects that are giving me a hard time.
But I just move them to external hdd, and it works like a charm.
I’ve learnt to live with it.
So I’ll make a cup of tea :wink:

I’m sorry to bump this thread, but I definately found the problem.
They’re called Western Digital Green line disks.
They are really not good for streaming audio…

That was actually mentioned in the. 3 rd or 4 th reply, they’re green because they run at 5400 not 7200 thus saving power!


Ok, but I’ve used 5400 all the time up til now, and it has worked like a charm…
Well, times are a-changing :wink:

Get the WD black. They actually have a direct tap into the power station and never shut down.

I think.

Anyway, my project drive is a 1TB black. Hasn’t choked yet.

I bought a SSD disk and a barracuda HDD, and everything is hunkydory :smiley: