Elastique&VariAudio-Two great tastes that DON'T go together

I’m putting together an EP, which required me to go back and remix some songs created in Cubase 5. When I switched the stretch algorithms on the old tracks from standard to elastique, I was floored at how much better they instantly sounded.

It made me happy for a minute. Then I realized how much better my vocal tracks with variaudio would sound if only elastique could be used.

Steinberg: any timeline for moving variaudio over to elastique?


please have a look here http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=3329&p=29600#p29600



Replied to the other thread. In your post in that thread you asserted that elastique is not better than elastique for monophonic material. I disagree based on my recent observations. Elastique is dramatically better.

With that in mind, I respectfully ask that you reconsider this request.


In your post in that thread you asserted that elastique is not better than elastique for monophonic material

I guess you meant to type elastic is not better than the standard solo algo?
As far as the mono processing, I have also found that elastic will work in some instances where the solo algo was horrible. (Usually bass instruments…though both are far from perfect with bass)

But to be fair to Sb they also say that elastic did not work so well with the pitch change side of things & you can’t say that this is not the case as you can’t hear it for yourselves. I’m sure they would not have got this totally wrong & to expect them to include a feature so that you can try it & conclude it is no better yourself is perhaps a bit much?

…maybe I’m missing something here…

SB say that it is not possible to use Elastique for pitch changes.

But on p259 of the manual, it describes the algorithm “Elastique Pro Formant” which “preserves formants”.
Under what other circumstances would you want or need to preserve formants, other than when changing pitch?
This seems to suggest that elastique can in fact be used to change pitch (?)

The manual then goes on to describe 3 variants of this algorithm, “Time” , “Pitch” or “Tape”. With “Pitch” variant, it says “pitch accuracy is favoured over timing accuracy”. That seems a strange statement to make, if elastique cannot change pitch at all. :question:

Why not make it an option and then the user can choose what sounds best not Steinberg.



probably because zplane only licenced to steinberg the monophonic algo for variaudio… As usualy, money is the problem.