eLC errors and Padshop 2

I installed N10.3 on Monday (upgrade from N8)

Since 2019 I’ve been using the 32 bit eLC (v because of horrible eLC errors with any other version.

Initially N10 told me this version is too old, so I updated to the latest eLC, hoping for the best. Sadly the eLC errors returned with a vengeance, so it appears I still can’t use any recent version of the eLC. I raised a support ticket and am waiting…

Today, weirdly, I was able to launch N10 using the old eLC. So far N10 seems to be running OK, so I may be able to continue.

There is one (minor) annoyance… I get a warning during load>Content that some Padshop 2 licenses are missing. I gather from other threads that this is happening to a lot of people since 10.3. I don’t use Padshop a lot (though I would like to) but as the fix seems to be to use the latest eLC version, I can’t do that so I’ve deleted the Padshop plug=in.

I’m still getting the missing content error though, and I can’t for the life of me find a way round it - it’s not a very big deal, I can just OK the message every time, but does anyone know what to delete to stop Nuendo looking for the content every time?

Go into Steinberg Library Manager and delete the Padshop content sets. That should sort the problem.

I believe Steinberg are working on a re-release of eLicenser Control Center 6.12 (the first release was problematic and was withdrawn) which is hoped will solve the eLicenser related problems some Mac users have been experiencing. If this works OK on your system once released, you can reinstall Nuendo 10.3 to get Padshop 2 back in operation.