eLCC Admin Privledges

Hi all

Really could do with some help with this. eLCC will not run on our PCs without admin privledges and we need it to, this is a full room of classroom PCs.

So far I have tried two fixes from Steinberg, one of which was to change security settings on a local profile (not going to work in my environment) and to reinstall Cubase from and MSI with an allusers=1 switch. This doesnt work either.

I guess it may be time for an angry phone call to Steinberg :smiley:

If anyone has any ideas at all please post em up!


Will it not run at all or will it not install properly ?

I have no problems running ellc here as a user task but since it is a driver it needs to be installed using admin rights for the first time, no way around that really, it is the same as with hardware