eLCC/eLicenser not recognised

Hi all,

I’d appreciate any help or advice that anyone can give me.

I’ve been looking on the forum and searching the Internet for few days but haven’t found an answer. If this has been answered somewhere else then please point me in the right direction and I apologise for reposting.

My problem is that my eLinceser dongle is no longer visible either in the eLicenser control centre, or in my PC’s control panel.

My PC is a HP Elite 575 and only about 3 months old, it has had no problems and does not have pirated software on it. I am using Cubase 6 which is also new and has had no problems.

All of this started when I tried to install a Korg Nanopad2. At first Cubase was working but it couldn’t see the Nanopad2. Then the eLicenser could not be seen by the eLCC.

I have run eLCC in overwrite mode, which fixed the problem initially but the problem (Cubase cannot see the eLicenser dongle) recurrs, and now when I try running eLCC in overwrite mode it does not fix the problem anymore and the dongle is not visible in eLCC or as a device in my PC’s control panel.

I have installed the latest version of eLCC. This has not changed anything. I have uninstalled it and re-installed eLCC, still no change, I have then run eLCC in overwrite mode again, no change.

I had of course uninstalled any Korg software and again performed the above steps.

I have tried the eLicenser dongle in different USB slots. I have performed the above steps with the eLicenser in various USB slots.

Now the eLicenser dongle is not recognsied by my PC at all. It lights up when I plug it in, but it is not visible to my PC.


  • Can it be that the Korg Nanopad software has somehow damaged my eLicenser dongle?

  • Is it the case that I will need to contact Steinberg about a new dongle or is there something I can do myself to fix this?

I have tried everything I can think of, several times. Any help, advice or direction would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Unless someone comes up with a solution the thing to do would be to contact support.

Have you tried rolling your system back with system restore yet?
If on win7 have you got a backup system image you could reload and then work through the steps again to see exactly where it fails?

Could be ( maybe ) your Win7 Power Plan settings .

Win 7 has a " USB selective suspend setting " hidden away in the Power Options .
It is there to turn off USB ports and save the planet from using electricity in our Green Age , but it can suddenly make USB peripherals disappear :mrgreen:

So check ;
Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options >Change Plan Settings> Change Advanced Power Settings
Then find the USB settings in the tree , and disable the " USB selective suspend setting ".

Hope that helps . :slight_smile:

DaveFry - Your answer is amazing! I followed your steps and yes the USB selective Suspend Setting was enabled, I set it to Disabled and hit Apply.

I can’t say for sure that this is the solution to the problem because before I read your post I booted up my PC and checked the eLCC. My dongle was visible and I logged into Cubase no problem - as though it had fixed itself.

Your solution sounds very plausible though, and I’m impressed you could have known that, so if the problem doesn’t come back we can say that this problem is SOLVED. :smiley:

Thanks for your advice and to the other contributors. I hope this can help others too.