Electric Bass guitar not playing back correctly


I noticed that when you write a bass line, the MIDI notes are transposed one octave down correctly, but HALion Sonic SE won’t play back the notes properly because it expects them one octave higher. The deepest notes are playing outside of its range, therefore bass playback is broken. Is there any way to transpose the notes automatically before it enters HALion? I don’t wan’t to correct this manually in the Play section, especially since I’m not good in working with it yet.
Transposing the notes up one octave inside HALion didn’t help, since is hits the keyswitch keys now.

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:


This will be fixed in the next update.

This month’s update imminent update, or the NEXT one?

From previous posts, this month’s update.


how is it going after the update? I am still having the same problem even though the bug is supposed to be fixed…

Works fine for me now, even in an existing project where i already screwed up some settings trying to work around the bug. Except it doesn’t work correctly when typing in notes, but it’s fine when playing back.