Electric Drumset / Percussions with USB? Need some advice.


I have Cubase 6 and use it to record digitally using a multieffect pedal with USB-out so I can record directly digitally in Cubase with ASIO drivers just by plugging the device into my computer. A friend of mine, who is a drummer, is looking for electrical percussions and I am wondering if there are any electrical drumkits that have similar USB digital out recording possibilities? Are there other simple ways to record digitally with an electrical drumset that’s not midi?

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

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Most e-kits have just analog outs and midi out. Fair chance there are kits out there that do offer digital out, but they won’t be cheap.

Thanks for your answer - I see. I have never done anything like this before - so do you or anyone else have any suggestion on how one should plug this to make it work? What me and my friend want to do is being able to plug in to my computer, and record together and hear each other while we do so. As said I plug in my guitar through a multi-effect pedal with digital out through USB.

If you have an audio interface with a spare stereo input you can just use the analog outputs on the drumkit. That’s linelevel so it doesn’t need a preamp or even a DI-box.
You can either look for a drumkit that does have USB out, or find yourself a cheap audiointerface to record the analog out and convert it to digital through usb. I used a USB interface by Behringer a while ago, that works fine. Paid about €30,- for that, sounds good enough for simple recording tasks.

Sounds nice. Do you have a link for that? Would be very appreciated!

I think it was this one. There are some various models around, not sure what the differences are etc.

All you need then is a double mono jack to RCA cable like so:

Note that this is not a high-end interface. It works quite well for basic recording at low latency, but if you want high samplerates or other advanced features this will not cut it.

All right. Thank you for your help!

One final question - can one use two usb (asio) audio devices at the same time in cubase?

Yes, but then you will have to use ASIO4ALL drivers to fake cubase into thinking the 2 are 1. This works fine but you will be forced to operate at slightly higher latency.

I see. Is this driver built in cubase or is it something I can download from somewhere?

You can download that, google will know :wink: