Electric Guitar Ignores Dynamics?

As the subject says, Electric Guitar is ignoring all dynamic settings.

Most likely I’m doing something obviously wrong - I can’t be the first person who has noticed this.

Zip’d Dorico file attached. I’m using “Smoking Solo Strat” setting on this sample. I obviously have not tested every option, but I am seeing this behavior with other sound settings.
electric guitar.dorico.zip (454 KB)

Oh, the deafening silence of people holding back on their guitar-player-reading-music jokes… :slight_smile:

The distortion is rather cranked on that patch, the dynamics gets lost due to compression. Try rolling back the distortion and drive settings in the halion patch, and dynamics shall occur!

I’ve not looked at your file myself (sorry, I’m in a bit of a rush), but you may need to experiment with changing the expression map for that patch in order to get dynamics going. It may be that it uses CC1 (modulation) for dynamics rather than velocity. Try using the Endpoint Setup dialog to choose another expression map for the channel in question. Here’s some information about that dialog.

kjonsson: Thanks for reply. If I take away all Distortion & Amplifier Drive dynamics are respected - however that sacrifices the sound quality. A good guitar player can get that distorted sound at low volumes, so maybe this is just “one of those things”?

Daniel: Also thanks for reply. Given that it is the Distortion & Amplified Drive that seems to be causing the lack of control over dynamics, will a different expression map over-ride that?

Try using the cc11 dynamics

Paul -

I tried switching to CC11 - the only noticeable difference is that at ppp the sound decreased slightly.

I am noticing that if I show the automation lane it says CC7. However -
(1) changing this to CC11 did not affect the sound, and
(2) after switching back & forth from write mode, the setting reverted to CC7

I think this may be a problem with the Smokin’ Strat preset - that doesn’t seem to respond to CC11 or note velocity. I’ve tried ‘Mellow Rock Lead’ and ‘Distortion Guitar VX’ and they work as expected .

Paul - Thanks for looking at this. Agree that this is a problem with (at least) this particular preset. tjonsson above seems to have identified the situation. Somehow, the distortion & amplifier drive settings are interacting with the expression map in a way as to disable recognition of dynamic settings.

Meanwhile I’m working around it.

It also suggests that the CC11 (if it is being respected) is applied pre-fx rather than post-FX. If it was post-FX then it would at least control the volume.