Electric Guitar VSTs + Dorico Pro 4

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for electric guitar VSTs to use in Dorico Pro 4, and so far, I’ve found a few but I’m not sure if they will work.

First, I found Vir2’s Electri6ity, which I found quite impressive, but I’m unsure of its compatibility. Some research leads me to believe its availability as a VST3 should make it automatically compatible with Dorico Pro 4. On the other hand, Vir2’s site for Electri6ity says that it’s optimized for use with the Kontakt player, making me wonder whether it will function improperly or is not compatible at all with Dorico.

Second, I took a look at Ample Sound’s guitar VSTs and took a liking to the AGLP and AGSC plugins, however again I’m not sure about their compatibility with Dorico. This time it’s more about their quality when used with Dorico, as I’ve seen some forums that suggest that Ample Sound’s VSTs are designed to work with MIDI, making them work sub-optimally with Dorico (not 100% sure why that would be the case though).

Overall, I’m wondering if anyone can shed some light on whether these VSTs are compatible with Dorico Pro 4, and any recommendations for electric guitar VSTs that might be more effective than these.


The Kontakt Player 7 appears to be VTS3 compatible.

Okay thanks, does that mean the VSTs I mentioned should be compatible with Dorico Pro 4?

probably, but I couldn’t say for sure.
If Kontakt Player 7 opens (and it should) and the software runs on the K Player, I would expect it to.

I’m sure that the Vir2 sounds will work in Dorico, if they’re Kontakt-based. Exactly how difficult it will be to access the various techniques etc. provided by the sounds is hard to say, but I can’t imagine it will be impossible.

Depending on what you need to do, don’t forget that you can use the basic guitar sounds that are supplied with Dorico and run them through the VST Amp Rack and/or VST Bass Rack plug-ins to do quite a lot of sonic shaping.

Okay, I think understand now. From what it sounds like, Kontakt is a sort of middle-man for VSTs that use the engine and the software the player is plugged into.

Similar to using the VST Amp or Bass Racks, are there any other high quality electric guitar plugins that don’t use Kontakt Player? I just took a look at it and the price tag is jarring.

Is it possible to have a session of “Discover Dorico” on Kontakt based VST guitars, eg Shreddage 3 Hydra, primarily covering developing expression maps for the VST guitar.

Is it possible to have a session of “Discover Dorico” on Kontakt based VST guitars, eg Shreddage 3 Hydra, primarily covering developing expression maps for the VST guitar.

I use the Ample Bass Upright with Dorico and it’s a really fantastic instrument. I would assume their guitars will be great too. I’ve actually been thinking about picking up the Ample AGSH myself.

Email John at
discoverDorico at steinberg dot de
to make a request for this.

I also use some Ample VSTi, but those are acoustic, but of very high quality!
Electric guitar is of course a very different animal, but I’m a guitarist, so I’m biased.
But then again, I use vocal and piano instruments because I can’t sing properly or play piano, so the electric guitar VSTi may very well work for you!
And since the latest Dorico update, the Ample guitars can even use their pattern player capabilities, so you’ll get pretty nice riffs for playback even!


Will do, thanks Derrek

I could add OrangeTree guitars.
They have interesting sounds and a lot of unusual guitars. They also work in Dorico because they run in Kontakt Player. But I had a lot of problems programming strums in Cubase, where individual notes disappeared at transitions etc… but the sounds are very good.
But I would recommend AmpleSound. They are simply unrivaled in sound and operation and work perfectly in Dorico. Which guitar you prefer is a matter of taste. They are all excellent.
OrangeTree and AmpleSound guitars are both currently on sale.