Electrical Engineer Pr0n

I’m not sure the rules on posting to outside content, but since these aren’t YouTubes it might be okay.

Some great videos for your inner electrical engineer…Arthur Kelm is a god. :smiley:
I love this stuff like crazy.
Great info on studio design.




Just listened to the one on Grounding … Definitley PrOn - talk about deep and thorough. Oh yeah … Oh yeah. This is basically masterclass stuff and I’ve immediatley got a new set of thinking tools as I sort out my room.

I’m going to listen to the other one later. Thanks a lot for posting this :slight_smile:

Yeah, listening to Art is fantastic.

I took a couple years of electrical in high school and I’ve also done tons of house wiring since then, so it’s awesome to hear someone who really knows their stuff…(especially since I’m almost OCD about hum, buzz and hiss in audio). :smiley:

Mix has also got a library of other videos for the studio/gear fanatic.



Very nice indeed. As a person primarily plays a 57 strat, I have fought the humm wars forever.

Will you marry me? :smiley:

If you are super model Norwegian twins with barely contained flotation devices and a penchant for lewd adventures, YES!!!