Electrical/static buzz in audio/pc rigg

Hey. I have recently bought a new pc which is emitting a very loud electric/static buzzing noise through my audio setup. I have tried to find a lot of solutions for this without any luck, and i did not have the same problem with my last pc.

I recorded a clip of the sound in Cubase with the guitar input on my UAD apollo twin usb3.
Would be the same on all inputs.
The first sound is coming from the dry guitar input and then i added an amp. not a very pleasant sound.


First of all. Here is my computer specs:

Cab: Cooler Master HAF 932 cab (not entirely sure if it is the exact model, but its an old gen)
power supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2, 750W PSU
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K
motherboard: MSI Z97S SLI Krait Ed., S-115
Crucial BallistiX Sport DDR3 16GB
Stock fans all over the place
Windows 10

Audio interface
UAD apollo twin usb3

Speakers: Yamaha HS80

Ok then. This noise could come from a number of different things. I have troubleshooted the whole rig today to see if i could find out what is causing it. Funny thing is. When i change my powerplan the sound increases. Could it be the PowerSupply that is making the damn noise?
Because the sound is way higher on HIgh performance than on power saver setting. lets check everything else too.
The sound is also affected by me typing and moving the mouse.

Things i have tried and ruled out:
I first checked to see if the sound would be coming from the electrical wiring in the house by testing the speakers without the pc. No noise. Speakers are fine

Checking all the cables in general. including sockets, pc, audio interface, usb. I tried running the speaker into different sockets than the audio interface. every imaginable setup. Nothing changed.

I tried to take out different parts of the pc. My AMD r9 390 which should not be used for audio production, but the noise was still there. I also removed a HDD drive that i thought could be making the noise.
The sound was still there.
I dont really think disassembling the whole pc would yield better results at this point.

I tried disabling a lot of windows features and hardware from the pc itself. onboard audio drivers etc.
still the same noise.

Conclusion: i have no clue what is actually causing this sound. Could it be the powersupply? but i hope some of you guys have mby heard this sound before and can help me.

Thanks in advance.