Electronic Drums Recording Cubase LE4

Im trying to record my Roland TD 4KS drums with a Lexicon Lambda to Cubase LE4. I can record the Midi fine but i cannot playback the midi while it is in cubase and also when i export and listen to it, it is piano not drums. Anyone know what has gone wrong?

Well you would either have to send the midi back out into your drum module and record the audio from that or assign the midi track to a vsti that plays drum samples, usually on midi channel 10.

My drum module only has a midi out port. I dont really know what you mean about that vst thing, but i tried to select my drums as a device but its not on the list. Do you know which ones are drums, because most are piano.

Have you got Hailonone? if so send your drums midi track to that and select one of the drum kits within it.