[electronic with shredguitar] What R U Gonna do

I posted this song earlier, but I revisited it. It’s a track from Look at the world. A project still not finished.


Anyway, vocals redone with the Rode NTK, I took a side turn and added guitars.

Synths: Korg legacy analogue edition
drums various samples through Groove agent One
guitars Epiphone through Line6 PodXT then through Rop Papen’s RP-distord
vocals Rode NTK tube through Mackie onyx400F

Mixed and mastered in Cubase using native plugins and also:
tone2 filterbank - UAD realverb Pro -

Mastered through UAD cambridge EQ - UADPultec - Cubase compressor - UAD precision limiter.

Comments are highly appreciated!

Greetz Dylan.

Hi Dylan, I do remember this one, and I still like it a lot. I guess the guitar you added was just another not very prominent arrangement element, and it sounds fine…

Not prominent? hmmm…I wanted prominent :frowning:
I was looking, or trying to get that Ramstein vibe, but couldn’t achieve it.

I like the new vocals, they sound more hideous which suits the song nicely.
Your guitar sound isn’t bad, considering I couldn’t get any useful guitar distortion out of RP-Distort. (it’s great for all sorts of other things, but I really can’t get it right for guitars.) Have you tried the amprack?

I recorded this pre Cubase 6.5.
I used a distorted sound form the podXT and then put some more hurt on it with RP-distord.
But, nice Idea, I will try that amprack for shure on this one, didn’t think of that.

But do you play guitar aswell?
Never heard guitar stuff from you.

Greetz Dylan.

Sing in German, that helps!! :laughing: :wink:

I hear the vibe your going for, but… thought the guitars were a little on the…light side, maybe?? (cans on again)
The Rode sounds nice, eh!?! :sunglasses:

Have you thought about using acoustic drum samples on this (with the Ramstein vibe in mind)
…just a thought :wink:

Sounding good though! Will be interesting to hear the Amprack version if you decide to try it


Nope, I don’t play guitar myself, but 2 of my best friends do. They often come over (drumkits have a certain attraction to some people :stuck_out_tongue:) and bring their guitars. I always use Cubase amprack for them (realtime btw), because I have no real amp and they can’t be bothered to drag theirs along. It sounds good enough for them so it must be pretty good :unamused:

Fot that Ramstein vibe you need to cranck up the guitars, I think.
But it’s a nice addition to the arrangement, I think it works.

I really like the bit at 3:08, with the Moog-like synth sounds! :sunglasses: