Electronica C7.0.4 Synths: Padshop, Massive.

edit: Pulled it from soundcloud to test some ideas the nice people here gave me.

Here’s a new track!

I use no compression at all, only some slight limiting on groups, love padshop =)

I’d love to hear what others think of the mix on this one :slight_smile:


anyone else into electronica with some thoughts? =)

Good tune. Nice production. The second click that comes in at 0:08 hurt my ears a little, too much high end (could be because of soundcloud though).

The Arp synth that comes in at 1 minute, I felt like it needed to punch me in the face a bit more. Maybe it needs to be a bit wider or something. When I think of the tracks from say 1200 mics, when that arp synth comes in it normally just grabs me and it’s really encompassing. I didn’t quite get that here.

Great job anyway!


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll have a look at that =)

sounds good to me ,good dance track ,i don`t know but maybe the bass is a bit much it might be that it is too much of a stereo image and the bass might need to be put through a mono plug ,good clean punchy mix though.

really good rave/elec/dance track, mix sounded nice and heavy at this end, can see everyone bouncing to this in a club in Ibiza or any other club for that matter…taken in this context it’s an excellent piece…agree with firestamper, need a bit less of a stereo image on the kick but well done…Kevin

Thanks for all the great feedback =) Really helps. Pulling it from soundcloud to implement your ideas :slight_smile: