Take your beats to the next level — the Elek Drums VST Sound Instrument Set is a cutting-edge add-on pack for Steinberg’s Groove Agent ONE drum sampler. Created by the sound design experts at Sample Magic, Elek Drums comes with hundreds of electronic drum and effect sounds, including deep kicks, crisp snares and harmonious chords and FX. With 28 drum kits and a collection of inspiring groove patterns, Elek Drums is the perfect choice for creating club-worthy electronic dance tracks.

Elek Drums is now available exclusively as download for Windows and Mac OS X from the Steinberg Online Shop.

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i owned the Elec Drums, but i could not find the drum maps for the new kits? Much to my regret, it seems there are drum maps for the new kits, or did i overlook something? For the other kits of the GA1 there are drum maps available

Thanks for your answer in advance.

Greetings from germany!

Hello SPS,

Please do the following:

  1. Open GAOne
  2. click on “Load Preset”.
  3. On the bottom left corner you will see a button “Setup Window Layout”. Please click on it and enable everything.
  4. On the upper left corner you will see the folder structure of GAOne. Here you should also the folder of the Elek Drums.



Hello Chris,

thanks for your answer, but i was misunderstood. I can find the kits but I can not find the used drummap
The other GA1 Kits have drummaps in the Cubase drumap folder, i am only missing the drummap for the new electronic kits.

Greetings from germany!

Same issue for me!
I installed the ELEK Drums on my MAC.

I cannot find the new GA presets (Only see 66 banks in total) and new Patern Banks!

Please help!


Hi there,

included in the Elek Drums VST Sound Instrument Set are only patterns for the Beat Designer. Just create an Instrument Track and add the Beat Designer as a Midi effect. Then you can load the drum patterns that are coming with this set. I hope this helps.


Hi, thanks for responding. But my issue is still not solved.

I understand the patterns should be available within Beat Designer. But the issue is that they are not visible within Beat Designer. So I can not find the deliverd Patern banks as mentioned in the documentation, like Ambient 100bpm, Downtempo 90bpm, etc.

I Also cannot find the Groove Agent new drum kits as the Trance Kit, Deep House Kit as mentioned in the documentation. They are also not visible within the media bay.

I installed the ELEK DRUMS ADD-ON Pack on my Macbook Pro without any issue.
I use Cubase 6.

Please help.
Already thanks, Paul


Steinberg already sent me the solution…
I forgot to register the new product!!! :laughing:
I didn’t saw the mail passing by with the key for the ELEK DRUMS ADD-ON pack…
So after enabling it works fine!


Hello folks:
I was wondering if anyone knows why I am able to see the Elek drum patterns in the beat designer
feature, but in the groove agent I am unable to see the purchased kits? I followed Chris’es suggestion below
of the “windows layout”, checked mark all the boxes and the folder is there, but it is completely empty
and it does not bring any of the kits. I have followed Pamsterdam suggestion of looking into my emails and
my activation code is there along with my invoice, but no other email. What is strange to me is that I can see
the loops, but not the kits. Anyone knows?

Thanks in advance

First, thanks Steinberg for Valentine gift =)
I’ve just bought Elek Drums (and other products)
but got activation key only
no download link
and no downloads in “My downloads”
Please help me =|

Same Problem here. Product is activated. But there is no Downloadlink. There is no Trial avaiable. I have the Original DVD for Cubase Artist 6.5. There are no Elek Drums.

A also have the same issue - no downloads available and have no clue how and to whom send the question about it :confused:



Same here…I’ll email support right away.

(ordered Neo Soul Keys and Elek Drums Kit btw…)

Which email to the support do You have?

I replied to my last correspondence and it was info@steinberg.de. It seems that they forward your question to someone who may speak your native language. In my case I’ve had previous help with someone called Emil from Sweden.

me too, not amused.

Thanks, I wrote to asknet with no reply so far, now I’ll try with that info@steinberg.
Frustrating :confused:


Same problem here… Good luck with your efforts - and please let everyone know what happens.

You mean activation code thru e-licenser software?


The swedish support for Steinberg forwarded me a link to the Elek Drums content today:

I replied greatfully but replied about the unansweared question of why there was no further download link in the confirmation mail of purchase as well as there seems to be no obvious download link when searching thru the steinberg.net product/download site.

Wish you a nice weekend!

Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden :smiley:

Edit: If you need Neo Soul Keys as well here’s the download link: