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Good morning cubase family!
Just thought I’d share my latest release, “Cosmodrome” It is a series of improvised sets recorded live in my studio and straight into Cubase 11. I only used the onboard arpeggiators from the Moog Grandmother, Waldorf String synth and the Behringer Odyssey. I’m so grateful to Steinberg for striving for perfection with every release of Cubase as no glitches, crashes or gremlins killed the creative mindset and recording process.
Take care, Jeff Spitza (Elektrus)

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Really cool stuff man. You get a taste for it, you just have to let yourself be carried away by the… atmospheric, psychic, interior, scientific, cosmic, universal, worrying, infinite… waves.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to listen, Rene! Totally agree about letting go and “trusting the force”, which is exactly what I did.

Everything’s outboard here, right? I’m really digging it. Long ago, I had access to a Moog 10A. I never quite figured out how to drive it, but it was an amazing instrument. You seem to have figured it out, using the modern equivalents. Love what you’ve done.

Made me think about my old classmate, Richard Lainhart. He figured it out; he had a bit of a career doing this stuff before he died too young. I will point you to this:

Amazing how today’s DAWs (Cubase) can open so many flavors of creativity! I’m 100% in line with Rene’s comment.
A wonderful journey. Cosmic music at his best!

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Thank you, Stephco. I really appreciate your comment. Thank you for listening. We have the best of both worlds now, right? Analog and digital.

You friends music was really intense. And I can only imagine where he’d be today had he lived. I hope my friends would do the same to me as you have with yours. Yes, everything was outboard and improvised, which was a totally different workflow than composing at the keyboard. Was the Moog the system 10 then? I’ve not gone the modular route as it’s too costly and time intensive for me but maybe someday… These three synths are just so instant.

The Moog was a 10a. It wasn’t even polyphonic. Just one note at a time. The lab at my university also had a Buchla and a Synthi., and a 1/2" reel to reel tape deck. We would sign up for a time slot to use the equipment. We just wouldn’t get enough time to learn enough to make anything good, or at least I didn’t.

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Thanks for the info. I think a week might be in order to make a good tone on that machine! I’m sure the memories you have are incredible.

This was nice and very interesting. I haven’t listened to a lot of solo synth material in a while, but this reminded me in a good way of some of the early 80’s Private Music label stuff, and then even earlier things from people like Tangerine Dream or Jarre.
Good work here.

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Thank you! Yes, being a drummer for close to 40 years kinda made me want to do something different m, as in no drums😂 I haven’t listened to Private Label for sometime but love your comparisons! Have a great night, Jeff