Element 8 Tempo Change

Hello folks.

I’m new to WaveLab Elements 8.

I have a very nOOb question. I’m a rock guitarist, and I use MS Windows Media Player in MS Windows 8.1 to learn songs. It has a nice feature such that when I’m learning a song and a particular part is hard to decipher, I can use under “Enhancements | Play speed settings” by right-clicking on the display window/area to bring it up and then simply change the tempo (faster or slower) without changing the pitch.

I found in Elements under “Time Stretching” how to slow down the tempo, but it’s also changing the pitch, whereas Windows Media Player doesn’t change the pitch, it only changes the tempo and maintains the correct pitch.

I toggled the “Preserve Pitch” under “Method” but it still changes the pitch.

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong here. I’ve searched through the manual and I’m not having any luck finding the solution to my problem.

Any help from you folks is greatly appreciated.

Elements Tempo Preserve Pitch Dialogue.jpg
Elements Tempo Change Dialogue.jpg

I think instead of using time stretch (though ofcourse it should preserve pitch), you might wanna try changing the Playback Speed, which is simple and doesn’t need time to render. Just check the manual cause I’m not sure where to find playback speed in WL Elements 8.

I searched the entire manual for playback speed and it’s nowhere to be found.

Clearly the operations manual leaves much to be desired.

Anyone else have any solution to my basic question?


playback speed is only in WaveLab.

Oops, my bad, didn’t know that…