Element 9.5 and Yamaha Tyros5

Hi to all,

I am new on Cubase and had a basic problems to set it up my
Cubase Element to comunicate on best way with my Yamaha
Tyros 5 keyboard.
Please for information what is the best setings for playing back and recording and what
is the best seting to Inport Yamaha Song files (midi fils who I record
on my T5) to sound like original one.
How to set transport cursor to automaticali stop on the end of Midi or Audio file?

Thank you for your atention

No one…?

We may need some more details…how is the Keyboard connected to the PC? Direct USB or a 5 pin MIDI cable to a Midi interface?

Thank you Nic for your replay…

In that moment kayboard was connected via USB cable to PC (Win 10 OS),but I had a chance to conect
via Scarlet 18i8 Midi inerface with 5 pin midi cable.What is the best way to connect
and how to set Element and T5?I am not interest to record Audio,just Midi playing and recording.

Thank’s again…

Ok,thank you guy’s for your’s replay’s…

I asked the simple question and immediately realized that this forum is not exactly friendly to this sort of issues.
Perhaps because I am a novice in the forum, but considering the number of views, I would expect more people who are willing to help.
It all seems to be a member of the wrong forum so I ask the moderator to delete my membership.
Thank you

You’re welcome, sorry to see you’re going. I’m sure we could have got to the bottom of your issues but we’re not always here at the same times and posts can quickly become lost.

There seem to be other people who have had problems using the tyros with Cubase in the past which tends to suggest it may be an issue with the MIDI signal that is being sent from the keyboard. I’d suggest starting with the keyboard manual to understand how to make sure it is transmitting a MIDI signal on the output you’re using.

From there the next step is to use the MIDI input meter within Cubase to check that it is receiving the signal. Then we can move on to getting the signal to the write instrument.

Thank you Nic,
conection is not my problem.I haw signals from my kayboard to Cubase.
What is my question:
How to set Cubase to open files with right Out port in all chanels by defolt,
and ather obtimal setings to send and recive all signals from kayboard to Cubase
like Program change and ather nececery seting’s when I load Midi file to program…

Thank you again

If I understand you correctly, you need to set up a Template with everything setup correctly and then save this as Template. You can then use this Template to create new Song Files and should also be ale to Import MIDI files into it. I’m afraid I don’t use MIDI files so can’t help you very much in this area without more of an explanation of the issues you’re having and what exactly you want to accomplish.

Yes Nic,that is what I realy want.I used Cubase for Yamaha Style’s editing or trying to do
that job wit Cubase.I am not sure if I am on right way with basic program seting.
Like you can se I am atach two screen shot’s.I nead template to all chanels asociate on may Instrument when
I Inport file.
In that case that is Digital Workstation1.How I can make that template and how to set up cursor to stop on the end of file
Thank you

Sorry i don’t know. Hopefully someone else can chime in…

The Tyros has a lot of configuration options regarding midi.
There are different midi setup templates inside tyros, that control what is send to what midi port, local on and off etc.
It has midi port A, midi port B and midi over USB, keyboard split and arp that all can be assigned different midi ports.
Not a simple keyboard, the setup in Cubase is simple once you have figured out to setup the Tyros to output on the ports and midi channels you want.