element is stereo only ?
how far can wavelab pro go ?
i want to input polywave files from recorder, split them in monos or stereo and quardro … not sure wavelob is best for that.

Wavelab Pro currently only handles mono or stereo files. The montage can be used to edit up to eight channels in multiple files, and can write the result to a multichannel output file - however, it can at present only read that back if it is a six-channel (5.1) file, and only by importing it to a montage split up into multiple files again.

I have used WL for many years to edit four-channel recordings, but I’ve had to put up with the inconvenience of multiple files and not being able to use facilities which are not in the montage.


2018, 500€ and only stereo ?!?
… omfg

No that is not correct WaveLab Pro can work with Multichannel in
Multichannel (DVD-Audio Compatible)
Multichannel (Free Configuration)

but WaveLab is not like Cubase/Nuendo
and hopefully there will be more options with Multichannel
Import/Export with WaveLab in later versions…

regards S-EH

But as I listed above, the multichannel capabilities are both limited and inconvenient. Have you actively edited multichannel recordings using the montage? I’ve got pretty slick at it, but I still require huge concentration to ensure that the right clips are selected and to remember to use the Alt key to make some commands work on multiple selected clips; and to remember that some commands can’t be modified to work that way, and others work on multiple clips without the extra key. And I’ll soon be working with more than eight channels, the max that WaveLab can do.

It was a clever lash-up in the first instance to enable 5.1 editing in the montage with limited program changes, but that really cannot be described as fit for purpose in the modern age. PG’s done some neat things to make it a bit more capable, but it’s no more than a thumb in the hole in the dyke while (I presume; I hope!) the real work of updating the whole program to handle multichannel files is going on behind the scenes.


Wavelab Elements is able to to open, play and render/save mono and stereo files. You can create 3 mono or stereo tracks a montage.
If you more questions feel free to ask.


Is this field recorder polywave files with field recorder metadata, like Take and Scene, etc.? How many channels are in the polywave files and what configuration if any? Can you read metadata from MP3 or WAV from the recorder in Elements because you should be able to. And you should be able to read standard FLAC metadata (although custom FLAC field recorder metadata apparently not at this point). If none of what you need is currently supported in Wavelab, I think it should be sometime in the future. And you can request.


yes there’s BWF descriptions, notes, scene, take, recorder model, recording location
it’s 5 to 8 polywaves. Metadata is readable from nuendo and wave agent.
picture from mediabay nuendo

picture from wavelab element

I quote myself from another thread:
I would be interested to get any of your flac file that is listed to have BWF metadata.

One would think that Sound Devices or Zoom would have multichannel test files with metadata, but maybe not. I also wonder where they put the special metadata in MP3 files if they recorded MP3, BWAV, and FLAC over time. My first exposure was the Sound Devices Wave Agent program that seemed to handle the WAV iXML and Bext readable in Pro Tools and Nuendo.

Like this Zoom that supports Poly files, wav with bwf ixml, and MP3. And includes a code for Wavelab LE.