Elements 10.0.15: Grid Type goes wrong when zooming in

Did I miss a setting somewhere? After a certain level of horizontal zoom-in, the “Bar” and “Beat” grid types suddenly turn into 1/16, and it’s not related to the quantize setting…

Quite confusing when working on audio tracks zoomed very close horizontally.


Is Adapt to Zoom enabled?

Of course not.


Are you sure the Grid is set to Bars+Beats?

Hi Martin, thanks for keeping up. The answer is yes. Ruler = Bar+Beats, and it makes no difference whether it’s also “Bar+Beats Linear” or “Time Linear”.


I mean, when I have a look to the picture, I can’t see anything strange. In some zoom level the smaller grid just disappear because it would be too much of lines in the project.

Ahem, so what’s the use of “Adapt to Zoom”?

If we choose, say “Beat” as grid setting, and we turn off “Adapt to zoom”, it means we want to see beats, and nothing else! Not “bars only” at the lowest zoom level, then beats when we zoom in, then sixteenth when we continue zooming in (as shown in the pic). Adapt to zoom is OFF.


I agree, this is not clear enough in Cubase.

The visual (drawn) grid is not the same as the (Quantize) grid. The Adapt to Zoom means, that the Quantize grid changes based on the zoom factor. So if you zoom in, you get tiny grid for Quantize. If you zoom out, you get 1 bar Quantize grid. This should be in sync with the visual grid (but some exceptions).

If the Adapt to Zoom is disabled, you get fix Quantize grid always (independent on the zoom factor). But the drawn grid is still dependent on the zoom factor.

:open_mouth: Now it makes sense!!!

“Adapt to Zoom” is in the wrong menu. IMHO, the feature should be available ON/OFF for both visual and Quantize grid. Maybe one in each menu? :slight_smile: