Elements 10.0.40 & Windows 10 2004

I just updated to Windows 10 2004 and since that Elements is taking over 70 seconds to load to the opening screen. Is anyone else having this problem? I am running on a PC with i7 - 6800K @ 3.40GHz and 64.0 GB Ram. before the upgrade it was loading in less than 7 seconds.

No … both the big machine and the laptop are behaving as before.

Are you running anything but Windows security … if so, maybe something has changed where the third party security software is taking a more careful look at the app.

Thanks Rat, I`ll check into that.

Does anyone know if the Win 10 2004 update will be mandatory at some point? I haven’t updated any computers to 2004 and I’m still running Wavelab 9.5 on one of them (and wanted to continue that way for awhile), but then I saw the following post which has me a little worried if I’m forced to take 2004 anytime soon.


I’m not sure if it will become ‘mandatory’. You’d expect so. I know that it took quite some time for the update to be ‘available’ on the big machine … suggesting some element of truth in the microsoft spiel saying that 2004 will progressively be available to certain configurations.

I mainly (90%) still use 9.5.

Both the main machine and the laptop are running 2004 without incident. My habit is to do a refresh of the iLok and eLicensor after every major update.

It’s really stable. More than I can say for a certain OSX machine we have (I never thought I’d see myself typing that!)

Thanks for all the info Rat, and the mention of 9.5. Very helpful. When you say refresh of ilok and elicenser I assume you mean open the apps, check for updates, run their maintenance routines, if any?

FYI, my computer was updated to Win 2004 yesterday. WaveLab 9.5 and 10 are running fine.
But I had to update to the latest version of the eLicenser.

Exactly … as PG says for example, he had to update to the latest eLicensor.

I always have lingering concerns about the Aladin dongle (Weiss) but it just sailed through.