Elements 10 and Groove Agent SE 5

I’ve recently purchased and have been using Elements 10, having upgraded each time from version 7. I realise that my Groove Agent player is still titled Groove Agent SE4. However I thought that Elements had the upgrade to SE 5. Have I misunderstood this? If not how I can I upgrade to SE5?

I would run the Cubase E10 installer again and make sure the upgrade for Groove Agent is ticked.

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Thanks. I tried using the installer but couldn’t see the tick boxes. Could you explain how to do this correctly?

Try this…


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Thanks. From those discussions I’m presuming I have to uninstall Elements 10 and try and reinstall. I would find a you tube video tutorial on installing or upgrading to new versions of Cubase very helpful. It would be great if Steinberg would produce one if there isn’t one already.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still have Groove Agent 4. Also I’m not sure I have new additional content.
My problem is I don’t understand the installation process. Which download file to click on or the work around the other people did in the discussion linked to earlier.
I clicked on Groove Agent in the additional content I got the message that a version was already installed.
If there is anyone can give me a simple step by step instruction? It would be helpful and also perhaps help other users.

This issue seems to have been sorted out when I installed the new maintenance update today. I now have Groove Agent SE 5 and the additional loop content etc in the loops and samples section of the right zone. The download process was straightforward this time.