Elements 10, Halion Sonic SE

Hi all,
I am running Cubase Pro 10, and I am persuading a friend to try Cubase Elements 10 but I wanted something clarified if possible.
Does Elements have Halion Sonic SE included?
I have looked on the comparison chart but it’s not really clear!!

On another note, a very happy new year to all forum members. I hope 2019 is both musical and peaceful for us all!!

Cheers from merry England!!!

Jim B

It has Halion Sonic SE 3 included.

And happy new year!!

Easy comparison chart here. HSSE is listed in the “Virtual Instruments” section.


Peace through music… :wink:

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Many thanks guys,

My friend has now downloaded the trial program…and although HSSE opens it has no instruments!

I think it’s a DL fault but I’ll be doing my best to sort it out for him today.

Thanks again,

Jim B