Elements 10 MIDI In

This is a total noob issue, but I’m having trouble controlling a simple instance of Kontakt, or any other VST instrument for that matter, in Cubase. From an empty project, I’m adding a new instrument track and selecting Kontakt 5 from the menu. I then load a new instrument in Kontakt, but pressing a key on the keyboard controller has no effect with Kontakt. I’m seeing MIDI In activity in Cubase when pressing a key on the keyboard, so Cubase appears to be receiving MIDI signals from my controller. I’ve confirmed that the input routing in the Inspector is set to All MIDI Inputs and my MIDI Port Setup shows the MIDISPORT 2X2 interface I’m using as Visible, Active, and In “All MIDI Inputs”. My instance of Kontakt shows st. 1 as the output and is using MIDI channel [A] 1. I have this exact same setup/configuration working perfectly in Studio One, so I have to be missing something simple in Cubase. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.



Can you see an incoming MIDI signal to NI Kontakt? Can you see an outgoing audio signal from Kontakt? Can you see a meters on the Instrument track (this is already the Audio Return)? Can you see a meters on the Stereo out?

Could you maybe provide a screenshot?

Thanks so much for the reply back. I just discovered that I somehow had a MIDI filter applied, which of course was the problem. Thanks again!