Elements 10 shortcuts missing

I can only access shortcuts for linear fade in/out in the editor (it appears possible to set up other types of fades in Montages only).

Is that deliberate or an oversight, and if so can it be fixed please?

PG, Steinberg staff: Is there any reaason in particular why you are ignoring my posts here?

Not sure what you mean. Here some other fade types:

The keyboard short cuts for linear fade in/out are ALT + I/O

I’d like to set shortcuts for other types of fade eg exponential. Is that possible, or is it not available and if so deliberately or by an oversight and can you please implement?

It’s currently not possible. I note it for the future, though this is not high priority, as you are the 1st one to request this. Usually people select their favorite shape and reuse it with a shortcut.

BTW, there is a shortcut that is useful: Ctrl + D (Cmd on mac), where the fade in or out is applied with this single shortcut, whether you select the start or the end of the file.