Elements 10 & VST installation

I am a new cubase user.

  1. Bought latest cubase elements 10 as a download - says this comes with VST content
  2. Installed download assistant
  3. Installed elicenser control centre and successfully entered download code
  4. Installed cubase OK
  5. downloaded Halion VSTs
  6. On cubase startup:
    Error message:
    Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or trail licenses have expired:

So near yet so far. what am I missing? Do I need to buy more licenses? I thought I had done that.
Any help gratefully received.

1st post… WELCOME! :wink:

When you say you downloaded Halion VSTs, do you mean you installed the full Halion installer and it’s VSTs or just the content that is included with Cubase which is the Halion Sonic SE version?

If you installed the full version of Halion without purchasing the separate full or trial license you would get that error. So, either uninstall it (you will still have the Halion Sonic SE version that is included with Cubase Elements 10) or download the trial license for it here.


Regards :sunglasses: