Elements 10 windowed bug??

(in Windows 10 x64 build 2004)

1. I run Elements in a resized window (ie not in full screen)
2. I minimise the window
3. I restore the window via the taskbar or Alt + Tab
4. Elements pops back up in full screen maximised mode!

Anybody else with this?  That can't be intended behaviour!  Can you please fix PG?

. . .Also double clicking on the menu bar in a maximised window does not restore to the windowed size.

Wanted to mention that today is the first time I have really used the software in anger coming from veresion 7.5, and I have to say I love the flexibility of the modular windows and the ability to effortlessly click to modify the layout and switch between setups (eg mastering/editing). Absolutely love it.

This issue above seems like a bug to me, but it is not surprising with all the fabulous new functionality added. Well done!

Just so I don’t come across all negative and get the cold shoulder again :open_mouth:

Wavelab is oriented to be used in maximized window mode.
I know sometimes there are some issues under windows when reduced sizes are used, but this is hard to track because of the various windows options such as taskbar options. And also because the behaviour has slightly changed with some windows versions.

Thanks PG.

I see what you’re saying, but I do think if there is a way to restore windows to the same state they were in before being minimised it should be an advantage to all users.

But with the really ingenious fluid inner window layout you have developed I can easily imagine keeping track of all of it must be a programming headache.

One for the to do list maybe!