Elements 10 with a Tascam DM-3200 on an iMac 10.14.6 OS

Hey there!

Is anyone using Elements 10 Full Version, on an iMac (Mohave 10.14.6 OS), with a Tascam DM-3200?
Both the iMac and the DM-3200 are connected thru the IFFWDMmklln Firewire card using n Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter.

My issue is that I cannot get the controlers (Rew, FFWD, Stop, Play, Rec) on the DM-3200 to work.
I can record into Elements 10 using the Elements 10 transport and it will playback into the DM-3200, but only thru tracks 1 & 2 and the Master fader.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi and welcome,

Have you set your DM-3200 as any kind of Remote Device (if I’m right, it’s using Mackie Control protocol, right?).

Yes I have. I set it to Steinberg Cubase

Oh and yes, it’s set to Macklemore control

Mackie Control