Elements 11 Bluetooth audio feed does not work

Using a new MacBook Air M2, the computer will transmit bluetooth audio using the apple music app directly to a home stereo system. When I try to do the same in Elements 11 nothing happens. The “Audio control panel” only lists “MacBook Air speakers” with no listing for the bluetooth device. Should I plug in headphones that works just fine. The strange thing is the icon for bluetooth speaker is the headphone symbol on the MacBook, so maybe Elements thinks it is a headphone plugged in.
Any thoughts out there?

Bluetooth would require an audio channel like MME or WASAPI in your computer to deliver audio. But as I understand it, the last Wavelab to support MME, etc., was Wavelab 11 and it only uses ASIO now.

I was really hoping to be able to approve masters across many platforms via Bluetooth without having to render wavs or a CD to do it. Once the Bluetooth is approved, then I would render a wav or CD file for the final approval.
This failure just adds an additional level of work.

Thank you for your comments.

You probably wanted to say Wavelab 9/9.5 was the last version with MME support. But that doesn’t matter for @Jim_morrison, as a MacBook is used here and MME is a Microsoft Windows thing.

Unfortunately, I don’t know Mac and its audio system, so I can’t help there. But I know at least from my Windows laptop, that I can set a Bluetooth device within the Generic ASIO Driver, which comes with Wavelab for devices, that don’t support ASIO on their own. Maybe a Mac user knows of a similar option?

Wavelabs Elements 11.2 is a temperamental beast when it comes to which audio it will play through. It will go wonky on occasion and not play sound through anything until it is closed and reopened. It only recognizes plugged in headphones and the built in speakers. It has no distinction between a bluetooth “stereo” system or a pair of apple Bluetooth Earpods, as neither of these work with it. This is Elements 11.2 $99.00 version and not the pro version, so that may make a difference.