Elements 11 Groove Agent drum kit loops fault?

Since I upgraded to Elements 11 I have found sometimes when I choose a drum kit using Groove Agent and select a drum pattern and drag and drop it into the drum track and play it back sometimes defaults to one pattern which I may not have chosen. I delete the track and choose another loop it still defaults to the one same loop.
Don’t ask me what kit I was using but it has happened several times on different occasions. I randomly choose drum kits when I’m looking to put down a drum track.
Has anybody else had this issue?


Doesn’t happen here. Actually, I’m wondering how, when doing a Drag and Drop of different patterns on the MIDI track that is firstly created, you could get a kind of ‘default’ groove. But maybe I didn’t get where is exactly the issue : could you do a step by step ‘repro’ of it ?

However and from what I could see, what is indeed confusing is that, no matter the kit and pattern chosen, they are all pasted with the same event part name, which is actually the one of the first that have been put in the MIDI track. But this can be corrected easily, using the Info Line