Elements 11 LE - HALion Sonic SE3 audio files missing

Hi trying to install a working installation of Cubase Elements SE 11 + all content on 8 macbooks running Catalina. Each install gives different problems. This one I can’t solve.
I’ve installed Cubase, I’ve installed HALion Sonic SE 3. When I open project in Cubase a window pops up with “HALion Sonic SE - Some audio files are missing. Please check installation”. I’ve run the standalone HALion but no errors come up. There doesn’t appear to be any content, but then I don’t know what I’m looking for.
I’ve re-installed and it makes no difference.
I’ve read other posts with similar error, but they’re much older and don’t seem to apply.
I’ve separately downloaded the Content and copied the VSTs into the folder where I want them but that’s made no difference.
Library Manager seems pointless - it always says ‘No Libraries found’ even though the default folder is where I’ve copied the VSTs to …

To be clear, I’m not a Cubase user, just ICT support. I just want to get a clean installation so I can pass the macbooks to the users …

Help? Please?

Hmmm… the best solution would be to use the Steinberg Software Download Assistant on the MacBooks. That normally handles the software and the content installation.

But now, try to click on a vstsound file, this should open Library Manager and should install the libraries and register it with the software.

If there is no content then you haven’t installed the content. Halion sonic se is the plugin but not the content. You need to download the content as well.

I’ve downloaded the content from the Steinberg website and placed it all in /Users/Shared/Cubase VST. I’ve told Library Manager that that path is the default, but it still says ‘no libraries found’

Thanks, I initially tried using the SDA but it keeps saying no internet, event though there’s wired and wireless access and all other apps and browsers connect without a problem …

Double click one of the vstsound files. It should open Library Manager and register them.

amazing. simple when you know how!