Elements 12 Group Track Fader not controlling audio track volume!

Hi All,
I have successfully created GROUP tracks in the past that multiple audio tracks can be assigned to whereby the fader on the group track will control the volume of all the audio tracks in the group. I recently upgraded to Cubase Elements 12 and it does not seem to work. I have seen several YouTube videos to no avail.

I created the group track then assigned the outputs of several audio tracks to the correct group name. Even if the Group fader is on zero I still hear the audio tracks in the mix. If I turn the fader up I start to hear the audio tracks getting louder but I can’t control group volume yet, making life very difficult. I have seen a few possible bug posts on-line but it’s possible I am missing something.

Any help appreciated!



Do you have any tracks in the group with FX sends on pre-fader?

Can you open the Channel Settings Window for one of the Tracks which is routed to your Group Channel and post a screen capture of it making sure to include the stuff I’ve circled below.

Thx for reply…

Thx for your reply…

If I mute the MAIN HARMONY VOCAL track I can still hear the audio tracks. If not muted but on minimum volume, the same. If I raise the volume to max I start to hear the audio tracks increase in volume as I raise the fader…

In the top center where it says “2 Targets” there is a dropdown menu. What does that show?


Your Track name indicates it has been duplicated “(D)” - perhaps the original Track is also playing & maybe hidden.