Elements 12 Hitpoints

Cubase (Elements 12) is not detecting hit points. Ive checked all the boxes needed in Preferences and still nothing is appearing.
All advice great fully accepted.

It might be due to the audio material that no hitpoints are created.
Anyway, you can always go to the Hiptpoint section of the Sample Editor to help Cubase find the points.

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I’ve put it in a new project and hit points are now visible thanks.
Is there a quicker way to import a vocal (diff tempo to track) and be able to quantize/sync it to the tempo track. Because I’m using Elements 12, i don’t have the Warp capability that the Pro version has. Thanks

After hitpoints were placed properly you can use either of the two functions from the Hitpoint section in the Sample Editor:

  • create sclices
  • create events

Both will split up your event into many events according to the hitpoint markers. The difference: Slices will be in musical mode, ie. if you change the tempo in Cubase they will follow (using time stretch). Events will keep their original tempo in case of tempo changes.
So, you might wanna try slices.