Elements 12 wont load xair xr18 drivers.....only loads generic asio driver

After update to 12.0.40 317 cubase only loads generic low latency driver
Studio setup shows behringer xair ports
But, the audio system shows only the generic asio driver
I have loaded the Behringer driver again and rebooted the whole system but it still doesnt show the behringer asio driver
Then reloaded driver as admin and rebooted - still wont work

Can anyone help please

I think I remember also trying to get that to show up, and couldn’t. asio4all would probably work, have you checked into that?

Thanks for the reply Steve
I will give asio4all a go
But would obviously prefer to get the real drivers to work

I had the same problem with version 11

This was sorted by loading the drivers in admin mode…

But I have tried this several times with no joy…

Anyone else any ideas…