Elements 13 crashes

Hi, it´s not possible to close the program in a normal way. It freezes and so I have to close the window by the X or finish command.

The biggest problem is, that elements 13 closes surprisingly while I am editing records. That´s annoying.

I have macbook pro with m1 chip, macos 14.3

Maybe someone could help…

Greetings Norbert

Cubase LE AI Elements 13-2024-01-23-200100.ips (125,6 KB)

Hi @nob1de ,

The crash comes from Cubase 13.0.10. Please update to the latest Cubase 13.0.20. If it’s still crashing, upload a new *.ips file, please.

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@nob1de Sorry about the confusion, I’ve read the wrong report. @Martin.Jirsak is correct.

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Hi, @Martin.Jirsak ,

thanks for the tip!

Greetings, Norbert

OK, I see…:joy: