Elements 4.1 - Key Editor; 1st play impressions

Hi - thanks for all the hard work improving stuff.!

Just updated, and thought I’d post…

With DORICOverture opened from hub - In Play mode:-

  • ZOOM OUT - double-click a midi part to open it in the Key Editor. Zooming using mouse scroll + CTRL will result in Horizontal zoom-out ‘locking’ at a certain point, even though more is possible using the little ‘zoom’ graphic at lower right. Is this expected.?
  • is it possible to allow Vertical scrolling in the upper half of Key Editor, when the Dynamics etc area is opened (Expressions/CC) below.? It is currently ‘lost’ because, I’m guessing, focus is not with that area until you click in it…? (or is it just me.?)
  • thus, we see that closing the Expressions/CC area (clicking on the keyboard or any blank area) restores scroll wheel vertical navigation in the upper half of key editor.
  • UI ISSUE - for no rhyme or reason, but working (speedily.?) in the key editor, several times I’ve had parts of, or, the entire lower zone go ‘blank’; clicking around in the app anywhere seems to regain/restore control (see cropped image below).

The next set of improvements in the Key Editor, in addition to reinstating the final two missing editors (the percussion editor and the semantic pitch bend editor) will focus on precisely these kinds of issues, including making it possible to have both the piano roll and the automation editors at the same time, improvements to scrolling and zooming, and so on. So please hang on for the next update.


Ok.! Many thanks Daniel, good to hear…

Whilst there for the next update, please consider providing a little more granularity on the vertical Zoom level (scroll+CTRL) when hovering over the keyboard at left - right now, the ‘jump’ in level is too much for one notch of scroll with my mouse wheel (MS Trackball). Possibly, that’s just me though… or is it a Windows/system dependent setting.?