Elements 6; How to View Guitar Tablature in Score Editor

Hi Guys,

  1. Is Cubase elements 6 able to display and edit guitar tablature?

  2. If so, based on other posts, I’ve tried a few things over the past hour…

I’ve been unable to find a “Score settings” dialogue box. I’ve found “Staff Settings” but it doesn’t have a “Tablature” tab.

  • I’ve seen the latter tab in screenshots of older versions.

I was able to change the clef to the word “TAB” in “Staff Settings” in both single and split, but this score still displayed traditional music notation.

  1. Lastly, if I am able to find the button to view tab, how do I open multiple tracks simultaneously, in the score editor? In Sonar you could ctrl-click to select multiple tracks, then open the score editor, but this doesn’t seem to do anything in cubase



Hi Guys,

Bump. Does Cubase 6 Elements allow you to view or edit midi or instrument tracks as guitar tablature?



'fraid it doesn’t.


Can anyone recommend the simplest and quickest way to:

  1. Export midi

  2. Display the midi as tablature (Freeware application? Can anyone recommend one?)

  3. Edit that tablature in the same application

    I like to write parts for a certain instrument, then play around with them on the guitar.

I might do the above lots of times so I’d like to reduce clicks.

  1. Done the usual way from Cubase.
    2 & 3) Guitar Pro is what I use for tabs. It’s a great program, does all you want and more, but isn’t freeware.