Elements 6

I’m thinking of upgrading from Essential 4 to Elements 6 (when it’s available.)
I’m using an Acer 5742 laptop Windows 7, 64 bit, 4gb RAM, 2.53Ghz and a M Audio Fast Track Ultra sound card.
On some of my larger projects when I use a lot of plug ins (Superior Drummer,Amplitube,Waves) everything crashes.
Will Elements 6 help this problem as it is 64 bit and Essential 4 is only 32 bit?

If you run the 64 bit version of Elements then you’ll be better off as you’ll be able to address more memory. Can you laptop hold more RAM? If so, double what you have, for those plugs you are using will eat as much as they can get. Its not all about RAM however, your CPUs will be a factor also.