Elements 7.5 external instruments

Hi all, it is my understanding that Elements will not allow the use of external instruments, however is it possible to use it to just play an external midi keyboard via midi out (cubase) to midi in (keyboard)?

Yes of course you can do this if you have a midi interface with an output.
If you use the same keyboard as your controller then you’ll need to switch “local off” in it’s midi settings.

Cubase “External Instruments” is just a feature that I guess is trying to make hardware seem like a part of the software…it does not disallow the use of actual hardware external instruments in any way.
Just means they don’t integrate in the same way as with full versions External Instruments set up.

Great. Is there any way someone could suggest some resources (or which part of the manual) that deals with this? I have been trying for hours but I just cannot make it happen. I am not sure what I am supposed to be using in the output setting of the track. All that there is to select are the software instruments or no VST instrument. The audio interface and the keyboard should be appropriately set-up as far as I can see from the midi setting.

EDIT: I should also point out that any “how to” I have found so far, points me to the “external instruments” feature which is obviously missing from Elements.

What is your interface?

The interface is Alesis IO2 and the keyboard is a M-Audio Prokeys 88.
As well as the interface having I/O Midi, the Prokeys can also do Midi over USB.
Neither seem to work.

The IO2 is setup in the Midi device manager as standard GM Voices.
The Midi port for the IO2 shows as Activer in the Port Setup screen.
The Device Driver is the standard Windows Midi.
Still I cannot see the device as an option in the output for the midi track.

I’ve just discovered my error.
The track I was using is an instrument track (not Midi).
If I create a Midi track from scratch all seems in order.

Thanks for your help, it made me look at things again.